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Staff Management

You can add an infinite number of staff and customize tasks

You can follow their performance immediately through system reports

(Cashier) points of sale

Is a service designed to be suitable to cover different needs of the retail sector and allows them to perform sales performance and accuracy is high

The service is easy to use and not requires long training hours and provides a unique and new shopping service to your customers through iCashier technology

Inventory Management

Mainly works for retail stores and is associated with a safe and reliable cloud system. Each store has a separate stock for other store for easy inventory and follow-up periodically.

You can add products many ways either through the manual input of the product or from use the database of our products containing more than 15000 products ready or to link the database of your products and that is in moments

Online Shopping Management

A new and innovative service to receive delivery requests through the MYSOM application designed for iCashir subscribers


Cloud Reporting provides you with instant access to your business from anywhere with instantly updated reports from all points of sale across all your stores

You can review reports including all sales and return movements for all employees and stores and obtain detailed tax and profit reports

Sales movement

The sales movement provides all sales and return , invoice numbers, product return , bill and barcode reprint


Receive all alerts for the close from finishing of stock , specified by you for each product

Store and tax settings

Possibility to modify store settings, contact information, store location for bill printing and e-shopping application

You can adjust your tax rate and number

Food Order Management

ICashier supports a special management system for the sale and reception of Food Order with support for (extras )without the need for any adapter to the order of the kitchen

Supplier Management

It is a special system for the management of suppliers and receipt of materials supplied and the organization of invoices and the system directly enter the stock and supports VAT